Giclee Printing Fine Art Paper and Canvas

Jerry Reynolds Giclee prints have proven to be an effective tool in marketing an artist work to a wider audience.
Giclees are the most popular fine art reproduction technique in the art world.
It has established itself with artists, collectors, galleries, and publishers. We understand an artist's need to control costs,
we recommend printing your edition in small batches reordering prints as needed.
We have no minimum and don't require large orders to get a fair price. You'll get our best price even if you only order one print.
Turn around time for giclee prints is 12 to 15 working days.
Email Jerry Reynolds
Or phone: 631-846-8067

Terms: 50% deposit with order, balance plus shipping before delivery.
Check, wire transfer, money order.

Fine Art For credit card orders you may phone, fax or mail your credit card information:
CCForm as PDF or a CCForm as HTML

Giclee Fine Art Printing
Paper and Canvas

We can produce test prints in 48 hours. We can work with either a file, a slide (35mm, 4x5, or 8x10), or we can scan and calibrate your original on a Tangential scanner, a new approach to fine art capture. It records the smallest details and textures down to the finest brush strokes. Normal scans $100. Hand tuned scans $300. Color corrections $15

Giclee print pricing from supplied files

Giclee Prints on Water Color Paper Smooth or Textured
Giclee Prints on Fine Art Water Color Paper 1 to 49 Prints 50 to 99 Prints
paper size 8" x 10" $7 each $5 each
paper size 11" x 14" $13 each $10 each
paper size 12" x 18" $18 each $15 each
paper size 16" x 20" $26 each $21 each
paper size 24" x 36" $71 each $57 each
Giclee Prints on canvas
Giclees on canvas are sold by the image size with 3" around for streatching. We will streatch them for you call for price.
(631) 846-8067
Giclee Prints on Canvas 1 to 49 Prints 50 to 99 Prints
image size 8" x 10"
canvas size 14" x 16"
$18 each $17 each
image size 12" x 18"
canvas size 18" x 24"
$32 each $29 each
image size 20" x 30"
canvas size 26" x 36"
$63 each $58 each
image size 24" x 36"
canvas size 30" x 42"
$84 each $78 each
image size 36" x 42"
canvas size 42" x 48"
$133 each $123 each